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Entertainment media is in a tricky position right now. Major outlets are trying to hit increasing growth targets with an ever-shrinking amount of ad revenue to go around. People at these outlets are working tirelessly, but I feel like the subscription-based model is beneficial to both writers and readers despite existing as a smaller growth rate.

When you read something on Commentary Track, it’s not going to be rushed out to try and hit an SEO target or offer an inflammatory take simply for engagement. I believe that there’s a better way to write about the entertainment business, and with my years of experience at Collider and Turner Classic Movies, I believe I’m in a prime position to offer personalized commentary that speaks to fellow enthusiasts rather than search engines or social algorithms.

I’m excited to build this newsletter with your support, and I hope together we can create a publication that values our views as individuals rather than data points or an endlessly stream of content. Commentary Track isn’t here to give you everything in entertainment journalism; it’s here to give you what matters.

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Former Editorial Manager at TCM and Chief Film Critic at Collider; still a movie nerd.